Allotment Adventures: Autumn Harvest

Sometimes I think I plan too well for the winter and not enough for the summer. Because last weekend we harvested quite a bit.

The sweet potatoes were disappointing we got some but not the amount I’d been hoping for and the second round of new potatoes haven’t done brilliantly either but we got something and I may crack sweet potatoes next year, I don’t think that I’ll give up a whole bed of the polytunnel to them though, I’ll grow them outdoors and maybe cover them!

The winter crops are coming on, we harvested a cabbage each, the carrots were amazing and I wrestled some parsnips out of the ground. We took the tomatoes home, the tumbling tom plant in the poly is hanging on by the skin of it’s teeth so we may get a few more. We also had a first pick of salad crops in the polytunnel, which makes me happy.

Collecting and organising that, took a while, we also fed the birds, gave the sprouts a tidy and slightly bigger net and arsed about a bit and that was all we did.

No collecting next week, so we’ll crack on with the strawberry and mint rehab and maybe clear out the shed, cut down the raspberries and weed. We’ll see how it goes.

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