Food lately

It’s the middle of September and while I’ve been dealing with a slight overload of produce. These have been some of the meals that are helping me deal with it!

Baked feta and tomato pasta. I’m late to this one because I didn’t have the right amount of tomatoes! This is low effort and tastes like you put a lot more work into it than you did!

Beetroot risotto. The beetroot has been amazing this year and this is a great way of using it up and has the added advantage of using raw beetroot (although I would recommend grating it in a food processor because washing up is easier than your kitchen looking like a murder has occurred!). You can skip the lemon zest and feta but it’s much nicer with it!

Greek salad. It doesn’t need a recipe but this is a great way of using the cucumbers and tomatoes. I get extra smug points because I grew the onions too! I soaked the onions in vinegar and water for 10 minutes to take the ‘bite’ out of them. This was my saviour dinner in the heat wave because it required no cooking, just chopping!

Finally, this has been in rotation too!

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