Friday Links: Early for Easter

It’s not Friday but tomorrow is Good Friday and it feels wrong post links on Good Friday (blame my Catholic guilt!), so here are some early links…

Lie, deny and move on – how much longer will the Johnson mantra plague British politics?

Sexual assault: regrettable, but no impediment to a parliamentary career

There is now an embarrassment of riches to bring this entitled Tory party down

England’s ambulance service is failing patients and paramedics. We can’t take it any more

The stench of entitlement is now oozing from Rishi Sunak’s home as well as Boris Johnson’s

Here’s the truth about Emmanuel Macron: he helped create this far-right monster. En Marche is supposed to be the middle ground but Macron is actually far too much a product of the elite to be truly middle ground.

Herd immunity now seems impossible. Welcome to the age of Covid reinfection. Unless I’ve had it and been completely asymptomatic, I’ve still not had COVID. Of course now you can’t test, I guess I’ll never know if I do get it.

Sunak’s wealth is not the only problem – it’s how he uses his privilege to make others poorer

I’m Sorry, I [Still] Haven’t a Clue … how radio’s smuttiest show has beaten the censors for 50 years. It may be because Mum used to listen to it when I was a baby but Clue is my favourite of the R4 comedy shows…

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