Monday Miscellany: February

Happy Monday!

Yesterday a friend asked me how I was and replied that I was February-ish. We are nearly out of winter but it’s still dark in the morning. I’m trying really hard not to wish the time away but it’s difficult, I just want to get to Spring, when I start to like things again!

I spent last week trying not to be furious. The state of the government at the moment, I’m so angry about it. This pretty much sums it up.

So there’s that and then there is the flat. On Monday afternoon, I went for a walk, when I got home, I couldn’t get in because the lock had jammed. Fortunately, my friend Richard (the same one who put up the polytunnel) cycled around with WD40 and got me into the house.

I was also pursued down the road by this cat on Thursday, I think it was just feeling companionable but wish that owners would put collars on cats, so we could know who to get in touch with. This isn’t the cat that comes to my bedroom window and meows for attention in summer, or the ginger cat that used to visit, or the white cat that has been hanging out by my house AND on my allotment. I am haunted by strange cats…

My landlord realising that the curtain pod in the living room still hadn’t been fixed, finally sent someone over to fix it on Sunday. Sunday is my day of rest. I mooch around the house, I read, I do housework and food prep, I don’t get properly dressed or clean until nearly bedtime. You know what puts an absolute stop to that? Knowing that someone is coming over to fix something. I’m glad it’s fixed but I did not appreciate finding out my Sunday was going to be different from planned at 11:30am. However, the living room now has curtains and I have privacy and a warmer room again, which is good.


Plans for next week are more of the same, it’s February, I can’t be ambitious, I just need to survive it! I’m in the office one day this week, at the weekend, Ma and I are going to attempt the Elizabeth and Mary exhibit at the British Museum again (I’ll save you the ‘Mary was an airhead’ lecture this week, but it may happen next!). I’m missing my walk with Sue because she’s away so I need to make sure I leave the house for a walk on my WFH days.

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