Allotment Adventures: Onions

It’s my fifth year of having an allotment and for the first time, I have successfully grown onions!

I’m not going to dry them for storage, we eat a lot of onions and if they last the month, I’ll be amazed but I am pleased that over wintering worked and we got to use a bed when which would otherwise would have been covered this winter.

The plan for the that bed now is autumn/winter brassicas, we have cabbages, broccoli, kale and cauliflower to plant next month, also leeks and I’ll sow chard. I think the winter plot might be more productive than the summer one! I definitely didn’t plan the summer growing as well as the winter one, we’ll chalk it up to another lesson learned.

The blueberries are beginning to ripen and so we took measures to protect them, I do need to go round and check the netting is still intact! I did the same to the blackcurrant that still has some currants on, I’ll need to do it earlier next year and do the same to the gooseberries, the soft fruit needs to be protected from the birds if I want to eat any of it.

We pulled up the broad beans and sowed some carrots, spinach and parsley in that bed. It’s looking lovely!

Parsnips and salsify

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