Monday Miscellany: Double Jab

Happy Monday!

Julian Opie at Pitzhanger

Last week was a good week. Because Ma was here on Tuesday and Thursday, she spent a lot of time on the bus this week, and it’s difficult to be in someone else’s space when they are working. I don’t know how a couple living in a one bedroom flat coped through lockdown or worse families living in flats and not having separate space to work. However, Ma is an excellent houseguest and did my ironing and the washing up (I didn’t ask her, she offered on Tuesday and then just did it on Thursday!) It was excellent for me.

Last Friday, I got my second jab and in two-ish weeks times, I’ll be fully vaccinated, which means that it’s time to think about spending some time in the office, which is weird.

Back in March 2020 it was weird to be working from home and now it fills really odd to be thinking about going back to the commute and office. I have said all through the last 16 months that I felt very lucky to be in place I was in terms of work and home. I feel the same about the way my company is treating going back to the office. There is no pressure to get back to the office and no pressure to go back five days a week. I’m aiming for three but it’ll probably be two days a week in July and August. Depending on workload and where the country is, my aim is to alternate my days in the office, so one week to do Monday/Wednesday/Thursday and then Monday/Wednesday/Friday the next week. Obviously, it’ll depend on what’s happening at work, if I need to be in the office for the entire five days or swap days for meetings etc, I will. We’ll see how we go!

More generally, I’ve noticed that now we’re quite close to being fully open and having to negotiate how to get back into the office, the commute etc, people are more anxious. Again I know that a lot of people didn’t have an option to work from home and worked all the way through lockdown, and those of my friends that did that, are actually more nervous than the ones that didn’t. It’s something about the increase of people out and about and the lack of social distancing. I think that’s also why so many people where enraged by Matt Hancock’s breaking of the rules. We’re all nervous and tired and finding it difficult and there is Hancock, carrying on with his mistress, in the office, not a care in the world.

Post Allotment Breakfast of Champions

Post jab, I was fine on Friday but didn’t feel great on Saturday, we got to the allotment, but I was not at my shiny best. In fact, so much so that Ma didn’t stay the night and left me to go to bed early and sleep in on Sunday.

Plans for this week are to get on with making this years batch of cocktail cherries, defrost the freezer and get all the floors in the flat cleaned (my aims are simple!).

Have a good week everyone!

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