Monday Miscellany: Cat Naps…

Happy Monday! I checked the calendar is it actually Monday…

This is the ‘there are no updates’ Monday Miscellany post. So I would like to tell you about my night of being terrorised by a cat…

Last Thursday night, I was tired and went to bed as usual at 10pm and was woken up at just past midnight by a cat.

I should explain my bedroom window overlooks downstairs flat roof and often wildlife visit, (my favourites are always the magpies*), but I also, unless it’s utterly frigid, sleep with the window open and on Thursday night it was wide open. I also have Radio 4 on all night. So at 15 minutes past midnight I’m awoken from my sleep by a baby…once I’m fully awake I realise it’s a cat and its outside my window. On the flat roof, paws on the windowsill, meowing it’s head off but not coming in. I worry a bit because it doesn’t have a collar so I don’t know if it’s a stray or belongs to someone and is just trying it’s luck but mostly because I hate to think of a domesticated creature that doesn’t get looked after properly. I grew up with stray/feral cats around and it makes me really bloody cross. Eventually, it stops meowing and sits down, so I close the window a bit and go back to sleep.

At 2.37am, I wake up to see that the cat is on the windowsill watching me. It doesn’t go away just watches me. So I go and sit in the living room for a bit. When I come back, it’s still there. My best guess is that this cat spends it’s nights sitting on my window sill for Radio 4 and was annoyed that my window was opened too wide for it to do that. Or it’s stalking me as it’s preparing to conquer the world..

So here is what I learned last week. Cat owners need to put collars on their cats and I really need curtains. Then yesterday, I was queuing to get into Wilko and there was a lady in front of me with a cat in a backpack. It’s been a weird cat week….

Other than that the week was fairly uneventful, I reached zero laundry in the basket and was so disgusted by the dirtiness of the laundry basket, I washed that too, I also hoovered, did all the ironing and cleaned the oven again. The intervention I thought I needed after this is over might not be the one anyone was expecting….

As you’ve read through all that, here is a Monday gift. Doncaster Council’s twitter feed. I know that doesn’t feel like a gift but when you see their lessons learnt from history, you’ll get it, you’re reading this, you’re my people and whoever is running this feed, needs a raise!

*In the back of my mind there is a story about a girl and her pet magpie because magpies are amazing and I love the way they hop…

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1 Response to Monday Miscellany: Cat Naps…

  1. Suzanne says:

    As a person owned by a cat I apologise! Ours has a habit of trying to break and enter other people’s property too. We nearly had the RSPCA called out the other day because she was howling in the car park (she’s missing all the people who would usually be here) and passers by thought she was trapped. She’s collared, belled and micro-chipped, but she still manages to cause trouble! I hope your visitor is ok.

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