Monday Miscellany: Preparation

Happy Monday!

Last week was stupidly busy, mostly taken up with trying to iron out any wrinkles that could stopped our team from home working so I logged lots of time with the IT dept. I also recognise the ridiculousness of having to work a full week in the office because I’m trying to sort out working from home. Anyway, we’re ready and we’ll be having tests over the next couple of weeks. Assuming that the world doesn’t end before then!

I don’t panic, I made sure to re-up my asthma meds this week and got some paracetamol but that was stuff I was planning to do anyway. I have plenty of food at home and can work from home really easily. If it comes to quarantine there are enough books in the flat that I’ll never be bored! I’m not being blasé about it, I’m washing my hands often and thoroughly but I’m not a key worker and I will be paid if the office shuts down. Once you have done everything you can, anxiety is the most useless emotion so I don’t worry…

In other news, I also had something cold like going on, I had a couple of days of blocked eustachian tubes followed by a sore chest but a quiet weekend and some night nurse seems to have dealt with it. I had a blood test and a tetanus booster on Wednesday (and I’m still mildly allergic to the plasters – it’s really odd, it’s just the round ones at the doctors!), got a flower on the way into work on Friday (The Salvation Army was celebrating International Women’s Day. Nothing at all out of the ordinary.

This week, Sarah is coming to dinner tonight, and I’m knees deep in work and really don’t have anything else to do except work, read and sleep..

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