Friday Links: Doomed?

Happy Friday! This week was all a bit ‘waiting for the apocalypse’. Public transport is heavy with the scent of hand sanitiser! It’s not happened yet but who knows. Here are this week’s links

It’s not just chlorinated chicken: five foods a US trade deal could bring to the UK. Lots of my friends in the US only eat organic and this is why. It’s also why I’m thinking more about how self-sufficient I can be in vegetables, because I’ll need the money to spend on ensuring better quality meat, which I will be eating a hell of a lot less of should any of this come to pass.

Faced with the coronavirus, Boris Johnson must stop playing the invisible man

How I managed to raise a little bookworm in the age of smartphones and tablets. I found this unbearably smug. She seems only to have one kid, her method is not tried and tested. It worked on one kid, whose mother was a reader, would it work on another? My mum read and I’m a reader, my brother is not. We had exactly the same upbringing in relation to books and he reads but it’s not the default option for entertainment that it is for me.

Boris Johnson’s baby news: his transition from politician to celebrity is complete. Also any female politician admitting to a sixth or seventh child engaged to be married for the third time to the father of the baby but not yet divorced from her previous husband who was undergoing treatment for cancer, with a history of moving onto the next person before she was divorced, would be absolutely destroyed in the media. Think about the way that Jeremy Corbyn’s private life was examined and reported?  The way the ‘family and morals’ papers are treating this news like a national event is hypocritical and sickening….

Labour can’t have it both ways on immigration

On fishing and farming, Johnson may again be forced to back down

Coronavirus will show us what this government is really made of

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