Friday Links: SAD is kicking in

Happy Friday! I’ve really struggled this week, it’s still dark in the mornings and my brain seems to have it’s limit! Here are this week’s links

Ignorance about menopause is destroying lives – and it’s not only women who suffer

There’s a reason why the royals are demonised. But you won’t read all about it

Try a novella and ditch your snobbery: five ways to read more books. I would add another, don’t get hung up on how much you read. A slump is a thing just don’t worry about it, once you are hung up on having to read a certain amount of books you destroy your own pleasure and then it’s harder just to enjoy reading.

How to make the most of a glut of rhubarb. I don’t force my rhubarb, one day when I have more plants, maybe I will. And there is no such thing as a glut of rhubarb…

Good wines for around £5. Not doing dry January but feeling poor because it’s January? Here you go!

Food-bank users deserve luxuries as well as lentils – just like everyone else

The Jeff Bezos hacking allegations destroy the myth of a new Saudi Arabia

Out cold: unseasonal temperatures litter south Florida with stunned iguanas

The poo panacea: inside the strange, surprising world of faecal transplants

Anne Brontë is the least famous Brontë sister. But she might have been the most radical. Anne Brontë is the best Brontë, I’ve been banging on about it for ages and I’ve read Villette. Also Wuthering Heights is a terrible, terrible book and nothing, nope not even a Kate Bush song, will change my mind.

Many in the north backed Brexit. They will soon begin to feel the costs. And they still won’t understand that this is what they voted for.

Keir Starmer’s soft-left approach is the unifying force that Labour needs

‘Delegate but the buck stops with you’: how to end the housework wars. Just sometimes, living alone is better…

‘Why haven’t you shut down the border?’: inside Trump’s White House

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