Staying in, the joys of January

Although I loathe January as a month, now we are over halfway through, I was reflecting on whether it had any good points and had to admit that it’s always a good time for the flat and appreciating my space.After the bustle of December, the break that comes at Christmas allows me to spend more time in my flat. That combined with taking down the tree and all the tidying that entails, means that I notice things I need to do and have the time to do so the space becomes more manageable, and tidier.I enjoy the space more because being outside is grim and I need to find space for new things that were Christmas presents. In fact, if I had to spend January, in my house, it really would be lovely. As it is, I have to leave occasionally and that makes me love my cosy space even more!

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1 Response to Staying in, the joys of January

  1. Adam Leone says:

    It’s good to stay in šŸ™‚ Love a bit of cosiness šŸ™‚

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