Monday Miscellany: Trying to be positive about November

Happy Monday!

Well November still sucks, I’m tired and having strange dreams and it’s dark. In order to get through the dark days, I have been really hygge-ing it up. I’m all about the candles and the cosy blankets with books and hot baths.I’m doing pretty well considering and had a good, if busy, week. I got one event over with and am hurtling towards the team offsite, two days, one of work type things and another of volunteering. By the time that’s done, we (I say we, I mean my boss and the Heads of Audit) should have got the Audit Plan for next year and most of the Board and Governance meetings over with and work should be downhill all the way Ma’s birthday in early December, when I get a whole three days off, and then Christmas. Which feels ages away but isn’t really. I just bought Christmas books for the family, and now have to think about godchildren and other Christmas prep, once I’ve sorted out Oli and Ma’s birthdays!Other things achieved this weekend, well Sue and I did good work sorting out food and tidying up for a seven year old’s birthday party, the boys in question were pretty good, the birthday boy was a tad overexcited (but he’s had quite the week!). Ma and I had a cracking day on the plot on Sunday and have started work on the new section, there is lots of work to do. I’ve also been having a low key declutter, so currently all the chests of drawers in my bedroom are very tidy!The plan for this week is to cheer the hell up, Sarah is coming for dinner tonight and other than some time with Michael, I’m all about work until the weekend, when I’m seeing Christelle and spending a day on the plot.  Actually, the biggest problem right now, is finding time tog do nothing. Right now, I have a day to sort out the flat and life admin and a day on the plot and then it’s time to go pack to work, I want some days to lie about doing nothing (actually, I want all the days to do that!).

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