Friday Links: Running out of time

Happy Friday!

I still have a cold, I don’t have any energy and the world is pretty much on fire! Here are this week’s links

We have all been cornered into a no-deal Brexit that will harm millions

The big polluters’ masterstroke was to blame the climate crisis on you and me

A champion of the unplugged, earth-conscious life, Wendell Berry is still ahead of us

Boris Johnson’s Arcuri scandal is about public funds, not private life

Trump’s Syria decision reflects his stunning ignorance of the situation

Cancel Billionaires

The Final Demise of “Adults in the Room”

Downing Street’s tough-talking ‘memo’ is part of a dangerous game

As a GP, I know there is a huge void for patients where the NHS used to be

Residents of London ‘people’s estates’ hail council move against developer. About time too! The whole idea was ridiculous

The DUP’s support for Soldier F protests shows how extreme it is. I’ve been saying this for ages. The DUP are using Brexit to take Northern Ireland back to before the Good Friday Agreement, when they were in charge.

Flour power: meet the bread heads baking a better loaf. This is fascinating, however, the system needs to change.

Why it’s worth waiting for winter squash. Or why I won’t be eating my squash until at least November. Also (and this is mostly for Ma – the candy roasters and uchiki kuri are Cucurbita maxima (I think the mystery squash is too!), the butternuts are Cucurbita moschata)

Some autistic people find comfort in specific objects. What happens when they’re not available anymore? This just sounds exhausting…

What, and Why, Is a Whisky Pod? You can read this and then you can read Billy who is much more sensible and has had one



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