Allotment Adventures: It Just Keeps Coming…

This week it rained, which wasn’t good for anyone’s spirits but was really good for the plot!

The produce is still coming but we are more into the leafy, green stage of the year. Every week I think will be the last week of the courgettes but they keep coming!The rosemary and tarragon have gone nuts and I still haven’t dug up the tarragon yet but it’s coming!Rent on the plots are due on 1st October but I haven’t had a letter yet! Which means that I don’t have the whole plot yet and can’t start any work, but then we get to keep our neighbour a bit longer!

So in October we need to be all about closing up or repurposing beds, at some point this month we’ll have to take up the tomatoes and plant the broad beans, we’re waiting on the borlottos and butternut squash.


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1 Response to Allotment Adventures: It Just Keeps Coming…

  1. Sharon says:

    Still waiting for my bill too!

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