What I’ve Read – March and April 2019

I feel way behind on reading this year, I’ve read 42 books, some long, some novella length and at a shade over 10 a month, it’s about usual.  Last month I also started to cull the TBR list on the Kindle, stopping reading if it didn’t hold my attention or I hated it or it badly enough written to pull me out of the story (or all three), I just took it off the list because I wasn’t going to get to it, I was just going to feel guilty about it. Right now, the entire list is 108, with the Kindle at 76 and the actual book list at 32

Muffin Top – Avery Flynn

Tomboy – Avery Flynn

These are part of a series and they are supposed to have heroines that aren’t conventional. The problem is there is a convention for how these heroines are described and both books didn’t really deviate from that.  They were easy, quick reads but a month later and I don’t remember much about them…

Falling From the Sky – Sarina Bowen

A Sarina Bowen novel that I didn’t love, well not enough for me to pick up the other 2 in the series.

The Last Wolf – Maria Vale

This was a werewolf book with a difference. I liked it, it’s a slightly different pov on pack..

Citizen Clem: A Biography of Clem Attlee – John Bew

This took a huge chunk of March to read but I’m so glad I got to it. Clem Attlee wasn’t a natural politician but he was a good man who went into politics to help people that needed help but not because he pitied them but because he thought it was the patriotic thing to do. It makes me more convinced that we are returning to the 30’s and that none of our politicians have the strength of character or the conviction to do anything about it. It also taught me things that I didn’t realise like the price we paid to win the Second World War and still have a NHS.

Turtles All the Way Down – John Green

I enjoyed this, it felt like the OCD being described was very personal and I really can see that living with OCD and with people with OCD must be really tricky.

The Warrior Heir – Cinda Williams Chima

Interesting and great world building but not enough for me to go and buy the rest of the series.

Flirting with the Frenemy – Pippa Grant

Another book that was ok but didn’t feel fleshed out enough

The Mermaid’s Sister – Carrie Anne Noble

I really enjoyed the whimsy of this and the old fashioned feel of it.

The Chase – Elle Kennedy

This is a slight continuation of the Briar U series that I did enjoy but this one I enjoyed less. I didn’t feel that the emotional connections were there, for example with Summer’s ‘instant’ best friend and credit for not having a magically gifted heroine and for tackling teachers that cross lines, but not my favourite.

The Lady Always Wins – Courtney Milan

It’s a Courtney Milan novella and I enjoyed it lots. The only problem was that it was a novella and didn’t last long enough but one of the minor characters was described in a way that is part of how I feel about outside of London

My Best Friend’s Mardi Gras Wedding – Erin Nicholas

Loved it, it’s brain candy…

One Word Kill – Mark Lawrence

I’m still pondering this one.  It’s weird and I think the first of a series and I’m sort of wondering where it’ll go next. It’s set in West London, which is a bit weird as the local hospital to me gets a mention as well.

Letters of a Woman Homesteader – Elinore Pruitt Stewart

These are actual letters but they read a lot like L.M. Montgomery. Apparently they were written for publication but they are interesting for all that. They are also occasionally jarring to the modern ear so you’ve been warned.

Whiskey Secrets – Carrie Ann Ryan

This was free and a good thing too, it wasn’t great…

The Name of the Wind: The Kingkiller Chronicles – Patrick Rothfuss

I loved this and at some point will get to the second, although the third hasn’t been written so I might wait until then.

The Shadow Warrior – Ann Aguirre

This is the fourth in the series and while I’m glad to see these characters get a happy ending, I’m not sure it advanced the greater story all that much. We sort of know that something is happening but it’s not much further along and I was more interested in that than in this pairs HEA…

Hope for the Best, Chronicles of St Mary’s 10 – Jodi Taylor

I really, really enjoyed this and I’m going to have to go back and read them all soon. So good.

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