Monday Miscellany: The no-good, very bad Monday

What is it about the first week back at work after a holiday that makes it so very tiring? This week I have been mostly exhausted, for no apparent reason! Last Monday was not a good day, because I started it by smashing my phone, £145 and three and a half hours at the Apple Store fixed it (I was ok with hanging around Westfield but only because I had a book!), but it wasn’t the best way to start a week, especially combined with 255 emails and someone in the office calling on my first aid skills because someone else was having a seizure. Smooth re-entry into the world of work, it was not..

The rest of the week was much smoother, work was busy because there’s nothing like being away for a week to make people need work from you and we had a new starter and a team lunch for a colleague who was off to get married on Saturday! Other than that it was pretty quiet, I bought some more blueberry bushes, this time for Laura and the Shefford Dempsey’s Allotment. Saturday morning and Monday were spent on the plot. The rest of the weekend was decidedly anti-social because while I’m better at being nice to people when I’m out in the world, I’m also really clear about when I need to be alone to re-charge.

This Monday is also much nicer because it’s a bank holiday. The late Easter this year means we have two months in a row with two days off. However, England and Wales only get eight days a year, compared to Scotland (9) and Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man who both get ten. That can’t be right….

I’m allotmenting today, Sarah is staying tonight and my plans for the week are are gaining some order at home and work, I want an easy, calm week. Let’s see how that goes…

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