Monday Miscellany: No hearts but some flowers

Happy Monday!

Last Thursday, I was off for the afternoon and I walked home via the plot, the crocuses are coming up….

The rest of the week was better, mostly because it’s getting lighter and that’s having an affect on my mood, spring is getting closer and I can feel my sprits rising.

The weather was lovely for some of this week too. There were end of the week aperol spritzes too.Miracles in the form of Ma cooking her ‘signature dish’, roly poly (it’s a sausage thing and that’s it’s name, I don’t know why!)And a really busy Saturday of work, with unexpected Christmas presents, this view and other good things. This week is work, a movie, a walk with Sarah and Fred and dinner at Mike and Christelle’s, which means I’ve written Sunday off for reading and sleep, the weather this week is not looking as delightful but we’ll soldier on!


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