Monday Miscellany: A funeral, the nephews and a perfect hair day

This week felt busy even though it wasn’t actually all that busy.

There was the work Christmas lunch, which went longer than expected and featured my first and last jaeger bomb Then after three pretty frantic days at work on Thursday I had perfect hair and a funeral to attend. I’m not really going to document the funeral but check out the hair!Then Friday, was time with the nephews, the little was his usual charming, mad self and the big one was great fun but tired and unable to cope with his total defeat at Uno (Grandma takes no prisoners!)Ma and I did some stuff for Christmas (booze, some food) in the foul weather and then it was a quiet weekend featuring me breaking out in hives (I think I needed to do nothing all day, which I did!)

This week is a full week at work and I’m expecting it to be busy, I have a ton of Christmas things to do and then Christmas week.


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