Monthly Goals – July/August 2018

Happy August! August is my birthday month so I have next week off and fun times planned.

Things that happened in July – I went to a school fete, France won the World Cup, I did not get a team to the final – again!, Jo came back for summer and she and I spent an afternoon wondering around Ham House, it was very hot, I went to the Southampton office for work a couple of times, Max came for a visit and there was wine. It was a good month.

July goals were more or less a repeat of June, so I’m going to be quick to recap

Mind and Body

I’m still doing well

  • 10,000 steps a day. or at least more than 70,000 steps a week
  • Vitamins every day.
  • Feet and Hands.
  • Golden hour – More or less
  • Therapy – We’re going to spend August working on slowing down, it was really good to do and right now I’m leaning towards doing a monthly check in session after August. we’ll see.
  • Good things journal everyday – This has been really useful, even last week, when I did not have a great week


Budget & Spending

  • Get through the month without financial explosion. – I’m all on track

House Beautiful

Keep the house tidy – it’ll do, I’ve cleaned the bath more than once in July!

So this is where I tell you what August has in store. I have a week off, there will be family lunch, I’m going to the theatre, making cake for a wedding, working on the plot, hopefully eating all the homegrown tomatoes and sweetcorn I can manage, going to a gin tasting and probably being hot.

I’m going to take my usual month off from goal setting but as you’ll notice if you’ve been following my goal posts, I have most of this under control so I’ll be doing it, just not recapping/thinking about it too much in August!

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