Allotment Adventures: Breaking weather

Finally, the heatwave broke. On Friday, it finally got cooler. There was some rain too but Sunday was the day for rain in Ealing.

We didn’t plan on doing a lot on the plot this week. Watering, feeding, picking produce.The corn is doing it’s thing and the tomatoes are getting ripe (and I promise that this week, I won’t eat them but will leave them for a bit!)Lessons from this year, sow more beetroot. Our beetroot bed is done. Leeks will go in that bed next week and I’ll sow some more in the salad bed because that is also done for the summer. The other lesson is more space for a three sisters bed because a metre square is too small!The other squash beds are doing quite well thoughNext week’s work list is mostly about tidying..

  • remove things that Joe can really get into
  • plant leeks
  • plant other kale
  • weed the paths
  • put the verbena plants out

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