Allotment Adventures: Too Darn Hot

The hot weather continues. I’m over it..

This week we headed to the plot without a huge amount of work to do. We started off by gathering produce, eight courgettes, five crookneck squash, three cucumbers, six beetroot, a massive bag of French beans.  After watering, I spent some time in the tomatoes, because the heat is making them wayward. We called it quits with the French beans because they really were not doing well with the heat and Ma pulled them up.

That left me with two beds for kale! So we planted the kale and then netted it to protect it from the pigeons – with much swearing! We also netted the chard because I’d like my winter greens to get to winter!

Ma tidied the shed and now feels much better about life!

I found a pumpkin…this is the plant that Laura gave me, so it only has to grow one, that I can give to Oli!

The to-do list is not long and in this heat unlikely to get done in favour of watering and lying down complaining about how hot I am, if the weather breaks here is the list…

  • Weed
  • Sow pak choi
  • Pull up the salad, which has started to bolt
  • Sow more beetroot where the salad was. This will be the last, hopefully we’ll get a small crop before the autumn
  • Sow the leeks in the old beetroot bed
  • Find a place for the verbena and lavender.

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2 Responses to Allotment Adventures: Too Darn Hot

  1. ACountryBoy says:

    wonderful garden. I like that you used mulch around the beds. Makes it easier to walk around than plastic does.

    • nicdempsey says:

      Thank you, the wood chip looks nicer than plastic but is a bit harder on the knees! Some of the plot does have plastic underneath the wood chip but I actually prefer not to use it as I find that any weeds that come up are easy to see and pull up! But it’s a learning curve!

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