Monday Miscellany

Today is the middle of the year, we’ve had 182 days and we have 182 day to go! So given that we are halfway through the year, how’s 2018 going for you?

Last weekend was busy, I got to work from home on Friday, which was fantastic because I could wake up at 7:30, which is normally went I am halfway down the street and ready to start the commute! I mostly prefer working in the office because it helps me switch into work mode but working from home is great when you have just one thing to do because you can do it without distractions and get the laundry done!

One of the things that I hate is having dirty fingernails, there was this whole thing about me being a little girl with dirty fingernails, because I did not like it. The problem is that I come back from the plot with filthy hands and scrubbing will only take you so far!

We are in the middle of a heatwave, look I know that other countries are hotter more often but we are a rainy, grey island and our lives and houses and offices are not designed for this kind of heat. We don’t have air con, our houses are about retaining heat and we just are built for this. I know other countries cope better but how would they cope with fog, and rain and grey. That’s the test.  

So at the moment, we are expected this weather and no rain for the next two weeks at least, NI has a hosepipe ban and we are being asked to think about water conservation. Which means that I need to water every other day this week. So tonight, Wednesday and Friday are watering days and everything will have to fit around that.

So this week, is all about work and watering and sleep and trying not to melt…

What are your plans for the week?

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3 Responses to Monday Miscellany

  1. Valonia says:

    Are we really half way through the year already?
    This heat is unbearable! I know that makes me sound grumpy and unappreciative of summer sunshine, but I long for a cool, grey summer’s day!

    • nicdempsey says:

      It feels like the year is whizzing by! I’m about done with the weather too, just a couple of degrees cooler and I could cope!

      • Valonia says:

        I have a weather rain alarm app on my phone and it sounded a couple of days ago. And then I watched as the rain clouds passed to the south! I’ve never been more disappointed in my life!

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