Allotment Adventures: Visitors and Hard Work

After our gin fuelled adventures on Saturday, Ma and I were up early and on the plot by 10am. There was lots to do. Ma started by picking broad beans and I started weeding at the top of the plot.That done, I watered and added more compost to the big squash bed. The squash bed was covered with ‘loves lies bleeding’ which needed to go so transplanted them to two of the circular beds. In the third bed, I set up some canes and planted some runner beans.Then we had visitors.Fred was very confused and excited. We sent them home with rhubarb and broad beans and salad and spinach and tomato and basil plants! Then we got back to work. We put mot compost down in the tomato bed that it not doing well, weeded and watered all the other beds.Then we harvested. Raspberries, strawberries, beetroot, spinach, salad.I was impressed. Peas won’t be that far behindI also sowed another bucket of radishes, and planted out the basil in the tomato beds and the last three tomato plants in a bucket. The courgettes have their first flower, they are behind but hey I’m just pleased they’re alive!

On the list for next week.

  • More weeding
  • Cut the grass
  • Sow more coriander and parsley
  • Sow more salad and beetroot in the cleared bed
  • Sow chard and kale (yes I’m well behind)

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2 Responses to Allotment Adventures: Visitors and Hard Work

  1. Gin, then gardening with a pup! What could be better?

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