The Joy of Bathing

I have taken to a nightly bath.

I’ve been trying to do something about my lack of sleep and a bath is relaxing, in part because rinsing the bath is easier than tidying up after a shower!

Baths seems inherently indulgent and on Saturday nights, after a day of allotment work, when accompanied by a book and a glass of wine, they definitely are!I don’t use bubble bath much but I do use bath oil, I make it myself. Four fl oz of almond oil, with 10 drops each of clary sage, cedarwood and lavender essential oil. Added to the water when the bath is running and a soak of at least 15 minutes.

Yes I’m aware that my feet in this photo are filthy, my top tip for clean feet is not to spent the day on the allotment in your Birkenstocks, how not to have ugly feet is not a thing I can help you with (maybe not have my parents!), I’m just grateful they still work and you can hardly see the scar on the left one!

The trick to a bath being really relaxing I have found is to have everything else you need to have done, that way you can bathe, climb into ‘jamas and go to straight to bed and carry on with your book.

Next on my list to try epsom salts with my chosen essential oils. Anyone tried them?

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4 Responses to The Joy of Bathing

  1. Valonia says:

    I love epsom salts but I have to be careful what I put in the water as it goes straight into the river. I mainly tie a mixture of herbs and flowers in a cloth bag and sling it into the bathwater. The added bonus of this is that I can save the bag contents and empty it onto the compost heap so the allotment benefits too!

    • nicdempsey says:

      I know it’s silly but I’d never thought about that aspect of living on a boat, thought about how trick it must be to get water but never what happens to it when your done. Every day is a learning day! Has your plot dried out a bit now?

      • Valonia says:

        Boat life makes you more environmentally friendly, that’s for sure! There was a definite slurping noise when I tested the beds out earlier with a shovel. On the plus side, it’s made me concentrate on all the boring, little no-dig jobs I’ve been putting off for a while, and we’re now planning a bog garden instead of a pond!

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