Monday Miscellany

I could divide my life right now into plus and minus columns. Plus, a productive weekend. Minus, my laptop is in the shop for repair. And no, it wasn’t me, it just stopped working. Minus I’ve only had it five months. Plus, it’s still in warranty. Sometimes I feel that my entire life consists of looking for the bright side or the learning opportunity, or reminding myself that it could be worse. This is not a moan about my life, it’s a statement about how not to be miserable about the circumstances I find myself in.““””I ended each day this weekend muddy and tired. On Saturday, Ma and I did a lot of allotment work and I wheelbarrowed 500 litres of compost. Then I visited the Apple Store in Kingston and they still have my laptop, this is being written on my iPad (apologies in advance for any typos). Sunday, I walked with Sarah and Fred and we met May and Holmes and Watson. Labradors will do anything for a sausage! ““””I’m trying really hard not to sound off on social media about gun control in the US, I have many thoughts on it but at the same times look at things the five here are doing and not doing and say ‘people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’ but I have lots of strong opinions about it and I’m praying hard that Americans will do more than offer thoughts and prayers (and the irony doesn’t escape me).

More hopefully, I got my blueberry bushes, which are better describes as sticks. They’re now in buckets in the right sort of compost!“”I also got really caught up in the men’s curling and the stunt skiing on Sunday afternoon at Sarah and Justin’s. I don’t know what it’s called but it was men on skis, going down a ‘stunt mountain’ like stakeboarding but on skis…

My aims for this week are simple. A friend is coming for dinner, I’m going to see the Shape of Water on Thursday, and The Ferryman on Saturday. I will also hoover and clean the carpet! Living the rock’n’roll life me!!

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