Monday Miscellany

We are finally in February, thank goodness!

This weekend, Sarah at SBTB posted this, I will link to this again in Friday Links but I feel it should be read more than once and especially as a reflection on the spaces that woman make.

Other things this week….I spend a lot of my life on buses and tubes and I spend a lot of time wondering why they don’t work like they should. This is not a complaint about overcrowding, it’s about why it takes 25 minutes to go 5 stops or if there will be a week this year where all of the tube lines I use won’t have a signal failure. Now I’m going to talk about overcrowding. Dear Transport for London, if I have to spend 20 minutes squashed into a tube, or have to let trains go because I can’t physically fit on them, it’s not a good service, it’s a usual service. On top of your manifest inability to run a transport network, you also mangle English!Other than the daily, tiny trauma of the commute, last week was surprisingly productive and social. I went to the cinema (The Post), went out for drinks on Friday, walked with Sarah and Fred, caught up with Kathy and I also need to take a moment to praise God for the joy and strength and joy that friendship gives me. I also visited the plot with Ma and drank martinis.I’ll also link to this on Friday but I think that it’s also worth linking to twice. Anyone who’s been around me or this space for five minutes will know (0r I hope they will) know how important my faith is to me, but seeing the workings of another person’s faith was interesting and reminded me of how much we have in common. I really hope that Sarah does more than this and it’s something I’m considering for this space too..

It’s been a busy and emotional weekend, somewhere in there, I managed to shop, food prep and tidy the house. I’m ready to go to work for a rest!

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