Friday Links

Happy Friday! It’s been quite the week for me and I’ve not really been paying as much attention to the news as usual. However, in the face of crisis, I do embrace routine, so here are this week’s links.

Trump’s Oracular Sermonizing at the U.N. Is a Real Head Trip Yes it was…

It’s often said that politicians campaign in poetry and govern in prose. Trump campaigned in insult comedy and, at least on the world stage, wants to govern in Wagnerian opera.

The vilification of drunk teenage girls exposes a depressing double standard I’m not sure that I agree with all of this, I think teenagers of either sex, getting drunk and have sex in bushes is pretty terrible because good decisions and being hammered on vodka rarely go hand in hand. I am tired of the girls are responsible, boys are just being lads. If as Dawn French thinks, boys who do that are awful, we should be working on educating our boys and girls to think more of themselves and their sexual partners. I remember someone telling me that where sex is involved, there is always a price and I think I understand what he meant. Sex even casual sex has a emotional impact, before you have sex with another person,  you need to be clear about the impact it may have on you and whether you can cope with it. The impact doesn’t have to be negative, but if you are looking for affection/love/care/connection then casual sex may not provide what you need and if you just want an orgasm with someone else in the room then your ex might not be a good choice for that and if you are old enough to have sex, you are old enough to think about this stuff. And now you all have a front seat to the kind of conversation that I get to have with the godchildren (aren’t I lucky?) but we have to teach our children about that so they can make good choices and not choices that make them feel bad about themselves. That applies to our boys as well as our girls….

With a liar like Boris Johnson as foreign secretary how can Europe trust Britain?

Politicians have been lying for as long as they have been around. But with the exception perhaps of Silvio Berlusconi, they always did so surreptitiously, at least pretending to speak the truth. Johnson, however, displays an almost psychopathic pleasure in shamelessly telling lies.

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