Best/Worst 3 to 9 July 2017

Welcome to Monday, hopefully this week, will be a better week than last week was but I will be as awesome as I was last week. I did really well even though the week itself was a ‘mare.


Eight years in the flat. I love where I live, the flat is so very me. Sure there are downsides to living where I do, the rent, the housework, the bills and so on, but overall, I’m lucky to have somewhere to live that’s safe and to have a decent landlord.

Family. Ma and I treked up to Ben and Laura’s for Oli’s school fete. They are lovely boys and it was fun.Crops. We’ve had courgettes and salad and raspberries. But this was the first big harvest.


Work. I had a really positive can do attittude about work this week, which work had basically kicked out of me by Friday. Never ask if the week can get any worse after a particularily bad Wednesday because Thursday will be worse!

Trains. Thursday and Friday were the days of train nightmares. No trains out of Paddington on Thursday night, severe delays on the Piccadilly on Friday morning. The really hot weather didn’t help with comfort or tempers either.

Honourable mentions to an empty train at Northfields on Wednesday. It doesn’t happen often so it should be celebrated when it does, it was the last time this week that the trains weren’t mucked up; sunshine; watering; and making cocktail cherries.

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