Friday Links

God it’s been a difficult week. I started it full of optimism and cheer and it has been beaten out of me. However, all things good or bad eventually come to an end and this week has. Here are the links from this horrible, no-good, very bad week….

The pressure to leave London. Never experienced it. So couldn’t say but I am from here and maybe that makes the difference.

Spending your money on experiences not things might not make you happier. Whenever I read that I should spend my money on experiences not things, I roll my eyes because really before spouting off that line think about it. It reveals such privilege, if you have nowhere to live and no money for food then spending money on those things is going to make your live much better than going on holiday or a hot air balloon ride. If you have secure housing and money to meet your basic day to day needs (and think about all of the things that you can’t do without, that make your life easy – food, housing, clothing, a phone, a computer, a bed, a sofa, a fridge – the list is pretty big even if you are a minimalist.) Then, yeah, things might not make you more happy and experiences might. But that list of essentials is a pretty big ask in monetary terms and people who all of that spouting about experiences over stuff is really annoying.

The Declaration of Independence in a tweet. This is fun but I still like the person who wished the US ‘Happy Treason Day’ best

Sali Hughes on not changing her name when she gets married. Absolutely. I’m not attacted to my name because it was my father’s or is the rest of my family’s surname. It’s mine, I’ve always had it. And because of this:

It seems to me that the trend for maintaining one’s own legal identity is less about stating my feminism, more enjoying the self-worth and maintaining the individual status that hard-fought progressive feminism has given me. I’m not keeping my name to make a point. I’m keeping it because it’s who I am. Not someone’s wife, nor someone’s mother. But myself. And I’m enough, whether I catch a man or not.

Hilary Mantel says final Wolf Hall book likely to be delayed. Damnit! I’ll have to re-read A Place of Greater Safety again. But if you haven’t look up her Reith Lectures on the iPlayer Radio app, they are really worth the listen.

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