Allotment Adventures: Early Morning Watering

It’s been so hot this week. One of the disadvantages of growing your own is that you have to water your own!

I’ve mostly been watering in the morning, it takes about 45 minutes because I planted such water loving plants (tomatoes, cucumbers, peas and squash) and there’s just more going on this year. This time last year, I had two courgette beds, peas, two tomato beds, a salad bed and a bed of french beans. (this photo was taken on 26 June 2016) This year, there are three tomato beds, one cucumber bed, a courgette bed, a crookneck, a patty pan, 4 winter squash, two pea pyramids, two sweet pea pyramids, two leek beds, a bigger salad bed, an old bath with carrots and spring onions, a bed of french beans, the brassica bed which has broccoli and cavolo nero and french beans in it and a bag of potatoes. Also because it’s been so dry the raspberries and rhubarb need watering. There’s a hell of a lot more to water…I worked from home on Tuesday so the watering was more leisurely and I picked sweetpeas and raspberries for breakfast. It never gets old.I skipped watering on Wednesday morning and went in the evening so I could also pick dinner (and more sweet peas!), picking your dinner never gets old.I’m really amazed at the growth the baby blue hubbards have put on, I’m starting to train them up the arch and I have my first baby squashThe broccoli and cavolo nero have gone from the wilty things that I didn’t think would live to stronger looking plants.And the crookneck has loads of fruit that should be ready for picking soon!I water the plants, my feet and sweat but I get to check on the plants, work out what needs to be done at the weekend and one of the perks is peas as a breakfast snack!


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2 Responses to Allotment Adventures: Early Morning Watering

  1. All looking good! I have baby blue Hubbard just gone in but I’m letting it scramble and cover the bare soil. We’ve only had one rain since installing the water butts in April and there’s no mains water on site – makes for a challenging first year!

    • nicdempsey says:

      We have mains water and because it’s such an old site, a couple of wells. It really wouldn’t be looking as good if I’d been reliant on the rain, so well done!

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