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Happy Friday! Well, it’s been a week. I was going to post a ton of stuff this week and then the Grenfall Tower fire happened and I honestly haven’t really been able to concentrate since. It’s not really local to me, it’s West London but the bit of it that I’ve been adjecent to all my life, not the bit I’ve lived in. I go through Latimer Road tube in the morning on the train but that’s it. So I’m not at all directly effected, but.. But it’s the idea that those people woke up in the middle of the night and lost everything and they were the lucky ones, other people died waiting to be rescued. I can’t even express my horror at that, and then lets add the stuff that’s coming to light about how the building was refurbished and the cuts to the London Fire Brigade that meant that firemen worked 12 hours straight (in those conditions they are only supposed to work 4). Kensington and Chelsea is a Tory borough and the Mayor who presided over the fire brigage cuts was Boris Johnson, also a Tory but this isn’t actually a party political issue. It’s about the contempt people making those decisions hold poor and/or working class people in, it’s about how London is changing and becoming only for the rich and the last Labour governments did nothing about that either. The Labour Party seems to have got a hold of itself but the Tories have not…

All that to say, that the links this week are probably not that much fun.

There’s a member of the living dead walking Downing Street

Low income families forced to walk a relentless financial tightrope. We could all do it for a week but forever? The other thing that occurred to me is that a lot of those people in Grenfall Tower, lost everything and they probably don’t have insurance either.

The Tories are bartering with women’s bodies and it’s disgusting. It’s not just women, its the rights of LBGTQ people as well. I’ve seen people say that any measures put through Parliament would be defeated so it doesn’t matter. It does matter, putting them on the table for debate sends a signal that those rights are not sacred but debatable, it encourages people who are prejudiced to be more openly prejudiced.

Look at Grenfell Tower and see the terrible price of Britain’s inequality This. The estate opposite my allotments (I used to live there as a private tenant) is being knocked down and redeveloped, they are doubling the density of housing but decreasing the social housing. Because of where it is, about 5 minutes away from what will be a Crossrail station, the value of those unbuilt flats are rising…

Many Labour-run councils, especially in London where land values are highest, are continuing to threaten social housing by pushing for full-scale demolition of estates that could instead be refurbished. The line is always the same – “There is no alternative” – even when campaigners on estates such as Central Hill and Cressingham Gardens, in south London, have drawn up detailed plans showing how their estates could be refurbished at lower cost and without forcing people to move.

This is what ‘ripping up red tape’ looks like

Do daughters end up with men just like their dads? I went for emotional unavailable (to me) men who made me feel really awful about myself. The only exception to this rule being Stef and then magical unicorn that he was, I didn’t integrate him into my life so it couldn’t be ruined and then he died. sort of…

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