Best/Worst 5-11 June 2017

Hello Monday! The weekend is done and it’s time to go back to work! I’ve had a fantastic weekend and am feeling ready for the week ahead…


First Raspberry. Yay for summer.

Junipalooza. A hall of gin, getting to talk to the people who make it and getting to spend time with Ma and Christelle. Whats not to love?

General Election result. Much better than I hoped, not as good as it could have been and Theresa May’s solution of allying with the DUP and bringing Mr Gove back into government are not making me happy, but you can’t have everything…


Tory Fake News. I’m sure that a Conservative supporter will tell me that Labour do it too and if they have, I’m just as disgusted but if they have, it hasn’t come through my door. My consituency was one of the top five targets for the Tories. And this is how they campaigned. They lost, which as far as I’m concerned is proof that cheats never prosper.Autumn in June. We had a couple of days of terrible weather. I didn’t have to water but it wasn’t nice..

Honourable mentions to flowering borage, a greenhouse that didn’t blow over, a good day at the allotment, the perfect martini, and crops!

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