Best/Worst – 8 May 2017


Work. Work never normally makes it onto the best week, I’m not the person who loves my my job, I work for money so I can have a roof over my head and buy books and things for the allotment! So it’s an inescapable part of my life but never the best bit! This week, it was nice to be amongst people, even if the commute was vicious. That aside, it’s easy to forget with all the petty frustrations of working and office life that the company I work for is pretty good at being flexible about how and where the work gets done. I’m grateful for that.

Haircut. This always makes me happy! 

My mum. Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the rest of the world (well at least the U.S and Canada!) and it was also the weekend that Ma was amazing. She weeded and was generally wonderful and she’s the best even if she is not to be trusted around Haribo…

Chelsea are the Premier League Champions. It makes me happy


Puffy ankle hell. At the end of every day, my ankle was done with me, life and walking. It’ll heal eventually but it’s a pain right now.

Hay fever. I’ve been suffering this week with streaming eyes and stuffy nose. It gets worse every year which I think has more to do with London’s air quality than the pollen!

A meeting that went over 6 hours. Although it was good to be back at work, this was a horrible day!

Honourable mentions to family what’s app conversations, sunshine, friends who bring you compost, perfect bread, babysitting and getting to read bedtime stories, friends feeding you quiche, and getting to grips with the laundry.

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1 Response to Best/Worst – 8 May 2017

  1. Sharon says:

    A 6 hour meeting! it would be more than my ankle that was puffy (hope that starts to feel better soon)

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