Little Goals – December 2016

Last month of the year! It feels like 2016 went by in a flash, the days are long but the years fly by…

So the focus for this month is all about survival and coping. I’m still bit SAD but I got through November in a much better state than I expected so I’m hoping that if I apply the same attitudes and principles, it’ll be ok.

One of the things that I will be doing this month is reviewing the year against my goals for 2016. I want to think about what went well, what didn’t go well and what I want to do for 2017!


Stay within limits. This month is about not going mad with money, I tend to panic somewhere in the middle of December and start throwing money at it. I need to sit on that and carry on as planned.


Clean the ovenLots of cooking is happening over Christmas so I need to start with a clean oven.

Deep Clean the living room. It’s always useful to get the living room as tidy and de cluttered as possible before I put a tree in there and it helps make tidying up after Christmas easier.img_5284


Get Christmas Cards written, CD’s burned and everything posted by 15 December.

Get Christmas decorations down and check lights etc before Christmas Eve.

Buy a stack of birthday cards for January birthdaysIMG_3634


Stretching. Every day, it’s helping and it needs to be a focussed 10 minutes a day at least.

Exercise. Do the following 22 times in December. 20 squats, 2x 30 second planks, 10 sit ups, 10 press ups.

Get outside. I’ve been pretty good at getting outside on the days that I don’t work but on work days, it’s too easy to spend my lunchtime working or reading the paper. So I’m setting this to the days, I will be in the office this month so 16 days. Yes, I will only be in the office 16 days this month, I love Christmas.


Burn one of the piles of weeds and organise the compost area (it might happen this month!)

Work on the edges of the plot

Get the other beds covered for winter.

Think about buying seeds for next year!

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