Friday Links

Happy Friday!

I’ve had a busy week and didn’t spent a lot of time at my desk or near my computer. Which is one of the reasons there aren’t many links this week. The other is that I increasingly feel that I’m living inside some sort of bizarre reality show, because the news is just so out there….

Brexiteers will trash anyone who gets in their way. Robert Chote was on the Today Programme last week and he was reasonable and measured. He noted that the OBR had asked the govt if it wanted to disclose anything or if the OBR should plan on the assumption that policy will continue as is. The govt did not give any new information. I was clear that I wanted Britain to remain in the EU one of reasons for my decisions was economic. Brexit will cost, it may not cost as much as the OBR think, it may cost more, but there will be a cost. The brexit campaign was not honest about this, they want it both ways. It’s time to quote Kipling…(he was writing post WWI but the point stands)

I could not dig; I dared not rob;

Therefore I lied to please the mob.

Now my lies are proved untrue

And I must face the men I slew.

Jeremy Hunt doesn’t understand how technology works. James Naughtie was right!

Donald Trump versus the US Constitution. This man is about to promise to defend something he either hasn’t read or wants to tear up!

The Myth of Self-Control. Finally!

Confessions of a lonely 20 something. I had two very similiar reactions to this. One, it’s your 20’s, everyone in their 20’s feels like the whole world is having a party that they haven’t been invited to. Second, why are you medicalising something that is perfectly normal? It’s not mental illness, it’s being in your 20’s, I accept that it’s harder for millenials to grow up but that’s the cure. Recognising that it is actually you, and them, and the world. It will pass, stop obsessing about it.


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