Friday Links

Happy Friday! I think that we’re just going to have to have a Trump section and then other links this week. It seems like every day, I think that he can’t do anything else more ridiculous and every day he manages it….

Obama reckons with a Trump presidency. This is a long read but worth it.

Remember folks, Trump is going to drain the swamp. Probably so it’s easier to get at the money. The President-Elect Is Suing Washington, D.C., So His Luxury Hotel Can Pay Less in Taxes

Trump takes credit for preventing something that wasn’t going to happen. Or the President-Elect is a lying liar who lies part 1000

The Enduring Scandal of the Trump University.

And on Tuesday, this happened which I don’t even have words for..

Vox wrote about it and quoted Christopher Meyer “it would be lunancy walking on stilts”

No Trump, We Can’t Just Get Along. About right…

Other news and opinion

Also American and worrying but not Trump what’s happening in North Carolina, that’s pretty scary…

Abortion in America, being out of options. You’ll never stop women having abortions, you’ll just make it less safe..

The enormous pop-up clinic trying to bridge America’s health divide. This is the awful warning for the NHS. “The things we fought for in the past, may be lost again unless we are prepared to fight for them” – Clement Atlee

The reality of ‘just about managing’ in Birmingham. The problem with just about managing is that the well off can feel that way too. I feel that way, it’s that sense of never being able to get ahead of yourself, to save, to plan, to have nice things. And people are feeling like that in much better circumstances than I’m in and much worse. I’m going to keep saying it, housing and it’s cost is at the root of most of the issues here…

Tony Blair wonders what has gone wrong with centre-left politics. and can’t see it him.

Our boys need to be rescued too. True but this is as much about placing a middle class value on what is good, which is less to do with how we raise boys and more about the value we place on academic learning. My brother is brighter than I am, but I’m more academic and can argue better. Neither of us are stupid we learn differently and want to do different things with our learning. Why is only way (mine) considered better? Clue, it’s not because I’m a girl…

Why older men who date younger women are so infuriating. I don’t know that it’s infuriating, so much as really icky.

The macaron is a pastel menance.

Jeanette Winterson on her Christmas traditions. Sometimes I find Jeanette Winterson really difficult and I don’t agree with her about lots but the quote below is just perfect and if given the terrible time she had with her parents, she can find that in herself well that’s pretty amazing. Also trifle with tinned fruit is the only way to make it!

I think about that time and, without being sentimental, I am sure that if we can find reconciliation with our past – whether parents, partners or friends – we should try and do that.

It won’t be perfect, it will be a compromise, and it doesn’t mean happy families or restored bonds – there is often too much damage, too much sadness – but it might mean acceptance and, the big word, forgiveness.

I have learned, painfully, over the years that the things I regret in my life are not errors of judgment but failures of feeling.

So I am glad of that last Christmas with my dad – not because it rewrote the past, but because it rewrote our ending. The story, for all its pain and sometimes horror, did not end tragically; it ended with forgiveness.

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