Allotment Adventures: Wind, Rain and Raised Beds

It’s been roughly a month since I last wrote about the allotment. In that time the clocks went back and November got really serious about being a horrible month.

The lid blew off the box of tools, it has rained and rained and we’ve had a couple of frosts. So the marigolds and courgettes came up, no more courgettes until next year!img_5418We bought and put together five more raised beds, watched the garlic and onions pop up and planted broad beans. There was a delivery of woodchip at the weekend, so I decided to mulch the raspberries, I’m still not entirely convinced that we should keep them in that spot but they are going to stay there for the next year and the best raspberries on the site are from the plots that mulched this year, also if it keeps the weeds down so much the better.There are three long beds at the bottom of the plot, my plan is to grow tomatoes and cucumbers in these next year and its nice to have them in place. Other than Ma, you can also see the other onion bed.We will get around to framing the other three beds in the middle of the plot but that’s not going to happen until spring time.Between now and Christmas, any work we do will be on the edges, pulling and digging up the couch grass. At some point we will do some burning but it’s just been too wet, we will get to it though, not least because I want another compost bin there!

It’s all about doing things that will make our lives easier in the summer but it’s looking good.

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