Food and Budget Update: 12/11 to 18/11/2016

Another week at the top of my spending limit, I didn’t realise now much the allotment produce was helping me with keeping within my limits! I was really craving fruit and vegetables this week and trying hard to eat better more mindfully.

I actually got around to some proper food prep this week, making a butternut, chickpea and spinach curry, (it was good but it needs some work), I also peeled the pomegranate (is it peeling – or something else!) so it was really to eat during the week. I ran out of time on Sunday for anything more elaborate so on Monday night I made feta and spinach muffins. I tend to be busy at the weekend at the moment, the allotment is still taking up quite a chunk of time and that’s not likely to change so I do need to change up food prep because my life works better when I do.


I forgot to take a photo of my shopping because I am an airhead! But I did a Lidl shop which came to £13.17 and then another at my Tesco metro on Sunday afternoon for flour because I managed to buy brown bread flour and self raising flour on Saturday but forgot to buy plain flour! So another £1.69 and a total of £14.86. 

Highlights of this weeks shop were a pomegranate (I love those things!), all the flours, and the rest of it was either staples I was out of (sea salt, butter, cheddar) or my usual stuff and produce depending on what offers there were (aubergine, tinned tomatoes, yoghurt, leeks, cucumber, pears, plum tomatoes, onions)


Ma bought dinner on Saturday night, we did the M&S dine in for £10. It was pork wrapped in pancetta, with roasted vegetables (and then some extra roasted vegetables because one packet is never enough veg – I come by it honestly!)img_5373Followed by profiteroles.img_5374Sunday morning we had crumpets for breakfast and then a saute of potatoes and veg with a fried egg.img_5390

Monday’s breakfast was yoghurt, pomegranate and granolaimg_5394Lunch was a baked potato and butternut, chickpea and spinach curry. I also ate 2 pears and some grapes. I don’t eat a lot of fruit but I was clearly in the mood today, as that was four of my five portions of fruit and veg, I ate more than one portion of veg as well, so maybe my body was trying to tell me something!img_5396Dinner was roasted vegetablesimg_5398Tuesday’s breakfast was the same as Monday’s. Lunch was muffins and vegetableimg_5404Dinner was curry and rice and flatbreadimg_5405Thursday breakfast was Wednesday’s lunch, a muffin and vegetables. Lunch was last night’s dinner but in smaller portions. Dinner was pasta with leeks, peas and bacon. There was white sauce too. I always over cater where pasta is concerned, after I served this, I put half of the leftovers in a pot for Friday lunch and the rest in a baking dish for the freezer, that’ll be a dinner sorted next week or the week after!Friday breakfast was a muffin, lunch was pasta leftovers Dinner was Friday Night Pizza

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