Food and Budget Update: 20/08 to 26/08/2016

Instead of a ‘lessons learned’ section at the end of this post, I’m going to chat a bit about how the week went because I think that will give you a better idea of what’s going on with me than the lessons section. So this week was pretty much the week of the salad because it was too damn hot to cook. Also Cassie, started the week with 8 salad dressings to make at home, confession time, I didn’t make one of them this week because unlike Cassie, I love salad just as it is, I could and have eaten bags of it like a packet of crisps. For me, it’s not something to eat to be ‘healthy’ it’s good all by itself. That feeling has increased this summer we’re growing it and it tastes better, even Ma, is eating salad and asking to take some home!

Other food things this week, I ate and enjoyed a raw tomato although I still prefer them roasted!img_4808I also became obsessed with pickled courgette, it’s amazingly good and I made another double batch at the weekend.img_4817Finally, I discovered round cucumbers, Mo at the allotment is growing them and yes we do have plans to grow them next year!img_4805And I picked my first homegrown cucumberimg_4828

SHOPPING It was a simple shopping week, I had plans to bake as you can see from the insane amounts of sugar and flour in my shopping but it just got too hot. I spent £9.12 at the weekend and £2 on Thursday night to buy mackerel (not photographed!). There was more of the usual from the allotment. Check out the tiny baby carrots and spring onions from thinning those crops out!  In total this week, I picked 15 courgettes, 27 baby tomatoes, the last of the french beans (which Ma took home) and lots of saladimg_4818

Saturday night dinner was totally made up on the spot, meatballs (mince from the freezer),  rice, garlic bread and salad. On Sunday night I ate leftover rice and meatballs.

On Monday I ate chana masala (freezer) with sauted mushrooms and salad.Tuesday was salad, this time with hard boiled eggs, feta and balsamic vinegar seeds.Wednesday was more salad, with roasted tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, feta and toasted pine nuts.Thursday was even more salad with mackerel, roasted tomatoes and fetaNo pizza on Friday night either so more salad!

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