What I’ve Read – August 2016

Allegiance of Honour – Nalini Singh (library book)

Nalini Singh writes book crack, which while sometimes problematic, I just cannot quit. This book is basically a huge epilogue for the 14 books that have gone before it and I had zero problem with that. She is wrapping this up and there will be more psy-changeling books with a new focus, which was also set up in this book. This is a book for fans and while I enjoyed it, the things that annoy me through the series continue to annoy me and the thing that I love, I still love.

Secrets at Midnight – Nalini Singh (bought)

This is a novella and I told you I had a problem!

Wild Embrace – Nalini Singh (borrowed)

I refer you to my earlier comments, I liked this because I like the world and that’s about all I can say about it.

Rock Wedding – Nalini Singh (bought)

So having established that Nalini Singh writes book crack that I have to read. I read this. The Rock series has for me been the least compelling of Singh’s books. I’m slightly tired of damaged heroines and heros and I struggled with the portrayal of addiction in this, I don’t know if what research she did but referring to it as ‘demons’ made it distant from what is actually going on. Look, I get that what leads to addiction is different for every person but very rarely does the need to get totally out of your head come from no-where. I didn’t have a sense that Abe, understood why he took drugs or had a reason for stopping. I’m pretty convinced you need one or another to quit and be successful at it. I didn’t feel that there was a struggle to really overcome issues for either of the characters and I would have liked to see a bit more depth. Anyway, happy endings and babies all round.

A Right Honourable Gentleman – Courtney Milan (Free)

This is a tiny novella but I will read anything Courtney Milan writes and for the 15 minutes or so I was involved in this it was great.


The Unleashing (Call of Crows) – Shelly Laurenston (Kindle TBR – bought)

I tore through Laurenston’s Pride series and this has been sitting on my Kindle for a bit. I really enjoyed it. Light and fluffy but interesting world building.

The Undoing (Call of Crows) Shelly Laurenston (Library ebook)

Shelley Laurenston is also book crack and I read it in a day. I liked it better than the first one and I’m interested in where it’s going. The only problem I have with it is all the female characters calling other women names (whore, slut etc) which are unnecessary, there are other things to call people to convey that you don’t like them that aren’t insulting to all women…

Calling It – Jen Doyle (bought)

I was all set up to really enjoy this and I did, enough to get the next one!

Called Up  – Jen Doyle (bought)

Honestly, I enjoyed this more than the first one, because I liked couple more.

Twisted Up – Erin Nichols (bought)

The twins bought me an amazon gift card for my birthday so I bought this. I love American small town stories because they are so outside of my experience, there is nothing in them that sets me off and I liked Erin Nichols’ Sapphire Falls books enough to try this one. It was so nice to see a slightly closed off heroine especially one whose a fire fighter. I enjoyed it but like I said that’s mostly because it’s so outside of my experience.

Something Borrowed – Louisa George (bought)

I had a harder time with this one because it’s based in London. I enjoyed it but I struggled as it’s set in Notting Hill and while it’s not as weird as if it had been set in Ealing it’s pretty near me (Ma used to work in Notting Hill) and it didn’t quite ring true, what 20 something who grew up in the area could afford a mortgage for a flat so well located who didn’t have parents fund it (and the heroine’s mother couldn’t have done that as an Irish single parent who sewed a bit but was frequently depressed) and they were all more likely to have lived in Shepherds Bush than Notting Hill and then you know I’m off and it seemed like the author had seen Notting Hill the film and gone from there. I did check (because I am that annoying person) and Louisa George grew up in Yorkshire and now lives in New Zealand, so I gave it a pass but I had to make a real effort to ignore it, in a way I don’t have to with books set somewhere that isn’t London and isn’t West London in particular and I know that says a lot more about me than the book..

A Few Bloody Noses: The American War of Independence – Robert Harvey (library book)

It was inevitable that at some point I started reading about the War of Independence. This is written from a British point of view but is still pretty balanced.

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