Life Happened: Meeting, puppies, babies, rain..

Last week was a tough week. It wasn’t a terrible week, it was just hard work. That’s because I it’s a busy work week – hello 6 hour meeting, which I have to minute and set up for. It was also migraine fortnight and I did have to go home on Tuesday afternoon because I was migraining. Deep joy.

On the plus side, we had both rain and sunshine, the Euros started, I got 2 and a half pounds of rhubarb from the allotment, Saturday was World Gin Day and the afgan poppies started to bloom. So at the very least the week had balance!

On Saturday, I went to see S and help her Noah sitting. S has just gained a puppy and a grandson and they take a fair amount of juggling.We took the pup and the grandson for a walk and for lunch and it was delightful to spend the day bibbling about and adoring the baby and the pup!

Ma came for dinner on Saturday night so we could get up early and work on the allotment. We got some more of the weed patch, dug over and under cover.img_4383Until rain stopped play. We got very wet and had to come home and have showers. Ma did my ironing (she says she likes to and I’m not going to complain!) and I sent her home with cake!

I did very little for the rest of Sunday, food prep, some tidying, some reading and an early night.

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