Life Happened: Amble on My Mind

My working week is best expressed in stats

Days at work: 4. Hours worked: 38.5

Average hours slept each night: 4.26

On Thursday, it was the Queen’s birthday and time for my yearly republican tweet.

By the time 5pm on Thursday, I was done. Fortunately, on Friday my leave started, which was good as I woke up unable to walk properly. I didn’t go for my scheduled haircut and as I was still full of snot and croaky I opted not to meet baby Noah (I feel fine but I did not want to risk giving germs to a baby that is not even 2 weeks old). Instead, I packed for Amble.

I also made bread, flapjacks and frittata for holiday, which helped with clearing out the fridge, everything left was turned into food that could be put in the freezer and will feed me at a later date! While I was there, I also cleaned the quite empty fridge. The kitchen is always really clean the day before I go away because I like to leave the house as tidy as possible, I did the ironing, mopped the floor, burned some CD’s to play in car and generally sorted myself out.

Saturday morning dawned early and although I knew it was going to be a long day, at least I wasn’t going to be driving!

  We left at 9:30am and after a long and impeccably driven 6 and a half hour journey we were in Amble.

Half an hour to unpack and a quick trip to the Co-op for ice and we were drinking G&T’s and watching the football results coming it (the joys of having a TV), it’s squeaky bum time of the season and FA semi-final weekend so a good weekend to have a TV.

 Ma didn’t want to drive on Sunday so we’d planed a day close to home. A trip to the market and the high street for supplies and a trip to Spurellis

 Then a walk to Warkworth Castle, we finally walked down to the Hermitage.

There was also exciting news this week. John is coming to London the week after next, at the end of the month I’m going to Paris for the weekend (just call me the international babysitter as I’m going to watch Tabs for a Saturday night). Finally, all being well at some point next month, I’ll be given an allotment! I’m excited although I do know that it’s going to consume time and money, as my friend Dionne put it, “allotments just use all your money” but she has an allotment in the same site so I’ll have a buddy!



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