Friday Links – 18 December

Happy Friday! I managed a full (ish – I’m still on reduced hours!) working week this week, and I’m still happy to get to the end of it. Here is some reading for the weekend.

When bad boys lose appeal. Or as like to describe it “when you grown the hell up and stop letting treat you badly”

Councils with failing children’s services will have control taken away. I’m going to say it again, good social services, especially children’s services, require money and resources. I wish it wasn’t so but the only way to truly help and reset families that are in chaos is consistent support and that costs money. I’m sorry, it’s not really about having social workers with better degrees, some of the best social workers I know had difficult childhoods and no degrees. We need to start asking social workers what they need to be effective and start giving that support.

Are you a council tenant? Then you must be punished. Both my parents grew up in council flats. After I was 4, they rented privately, there has never been enough money to buy somewhere. Ma had lived in her flat in Surbiton for over 10 years and then the new landlord put the rent up £100 a month, just as Ma retired. (Slight correction, Ma would like it noted that the tent actually went up £170 a month!).She went on the list for sheltered housing and last year moved into her new flat. It’s social housing and the relief we all felt was that she was safe. That’s what lifetime tenancy gives you. Safety. I don’t have that safety, I have a really good landlord but my rent is going up next year, I don’t know by how much, currently my rent is half my monthly income and it’s quite a bit below the going rate but if the landlord does want what he could get, then I’m buggered and probably looking never having the heating on again and eating porridge for the rest of my days, which would be cheaper than moving. This is why council housing is a good thing, it gives you safety, it’s not subsidized, it pays for itself and it gives people who aren’t wealthy and don’t earn a lot of money somewhere decent to live.

David Cameron needs to learn to control himself. Who didn’t already know that?

Death and Shopping: the story of Oxford Street. Ma and I used to shop there loads when we lived in Fulham. I had my ears pierced in Selfridges! I work nearby and last year I did some Christmas shopping there but I haven’t been there since…

Milk taken from cows at night may help insomnia. If only I drank milk…

The perfect fish finger sandwich. Ketchup for me but I’ll take one with tartare sauce!


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