Date Bars

I was expecting that six weeks more or less off my feet and at home would lead me to put on weight, that hasn’t been the case. Partly because I haven’t had a lot of appetite and partly because there hasn’t been any snacky food in the house. I wanted to use the six weeks as an opportunity to ‘reset’ my eating habits, really get to grips with what food is in the house and use it up and (once my jelly baby dealer went on strike!) to wean myself off sugary snacks.

By week 4 I was craving something sweet and Deb at Smitten Kitchen posted about Date Breakfast Bars. As luck would have it, I had a packet of dates in my cupboard that needed to be used or thrown out. I didn’t have an orange (I added some orange bitters when cooking the dates) the right type of sugar (I just used caster sugar) or cloves (I added a bit more nutmeg), but why would I let that stop me?

So I made them. I think my attempt is more crumbly than Deb’s, that will be down to the sugar and thinking about it now a tablespoon or two of honey in place of some of the sugar would have helped with that, you live and learn.

However they walk that fine line between sweet enough and too sweet, I couldn’t eat more than one but they make a quick breakfast or mid-morning snack and pair really well with my morning coffee. I also got to use something up rather than throw it away so hurrah for reducing food waste!


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