May Recap and June Goals

It’s that time again. Like April, May was a pretty good month, the weather is weird but the lighter mornings and evenings have had such an impact on my mood. Work has not been so good but overall, life feels much more positive. So let’s look at how I got on in May.

  • I hit 10,000 steps 20 of the 31 days of May. Not brilliant but ok, I really need to work on getting out on lazy days.
  • I got to more 11 body balance classes in May and the work is really showing in my shape and strength. I had one really busy week at work, where I missed a couple of classes and I really missed them so I need to work on making the time.
  • My eating has been pretty healthy (except for the Randoms that Ma and I seem to be addicted to!) My sleep hasn’t got any better but it’s not got any worse. I have been getting to bed by 10pm on schoolnights and kept up with the no screens before bed.
  • I’ve abandoned the yoga before bedtime because it didn’t seem to be helping.
  • Another month with no book buying and I still can buy 10 this year
  • The house is tidy but I’ve been really bad about the deep cleaning. I had a lovely afternoon sorting through old paper and tidying that up and I’ve managed to clean the oven but that’s about it.
  • This month was a bad month for the budget, however, I’ve had some remedial help and how have more control and focus, the situation is not dire and I’m in a much better position than lots of other people so I’m not feeling too terrible about it.
  • Aside from my monthly goals, I volunteered at the Food Bank for a day, cleaned a friend’s kitchen and babysat the nephew. While I can’t say that I really enjoyed those things, doing stuff for other people is good for me because it gets me out of my own head and issues and reminds me of how lucky I am to be able to do those things.

June Plans and Goals

June is a lovely short month, my plans so far, include dinner at Sarah and Justin’s, theatre (The Beaux’ Stratagem at the National), volunteering at the allotments, I haven’t been for ages and I feel bad about it. I’ve also signed up to this, because why not? and there will probably be some other Waterloo related shenanigans because it’s the 200th anniversary and I may need to see the Battle of Waterloo re-enacted via the medium of vegetables.. The French

The French


I’m feeling good about what I’m doing at the moment and this month I really started to see and feel the results of the regular classes, I’ve not lost any weight but my clothes fit better and that makes me happy. So more of the same.IMG_2825


This is another more of the same, no book buying this month, ideally, I’d like to have my 10 left for October and a trip to Barter Books at the moment the library is keeping me


Again the house is pretty tidy, I want to have another bash at sorting out the cupboard (it needs going through at least once a year) with an emphasis on throwing out/giving away things.



I have a budget now, so it’s just a matter of sticking to it!

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