Friday Links

Happy Friday! Although it’s been a short work week, I’m still happy to get to the end of it! Here are this week’s links…

Grace Dent on the death of a Grange Hill star, watching telly in the 70’s and 80’s and social media and how we keep in touch with people.

This from Slate is just scary. I could just file it in the ‘people in the US are strange’ category but I think it’s really about what happens when one parent wants to win, more than they want what’s best for their child.

Things I have never really thought about. What wasn’t Big Ben bombed in WWII? Short answer, luck!

This week was the Queen’s Speech and this almost sums up what I’m feeling about it. I don’t have children, but don’t want it for ANYONE’S children.

Steve Bell on the FIFA arrests. What I’m finding really funny is that there is anyone out there that thinks that FIFA isn’t corrupt and that Sepp Blatter doesn’t need to step down.

For those of you who either don’t know or don’t really care, here’s a quick primer. FIFA’s huge corruption and bribery scandal, explained

I’m pretty much for gin and tonic anything! Who’s for a gin and tonic ice cream?

This review of Polly Vernon’s ‘Hot Feminist’ is very good (unlike the book apparently!)

Here, the writing has an honesty and simplicity not found elsewhere. For once, Vernon drops the manic chirpiness – which is like being locked in a bathroom during a police raid with a children’s TV presenter who has swallowed their whole stash..

India is having a heatwave. Tell me again that climate change isn’t real.

This review of an American reality show, is scary because the narrative of why people are poor and what is ‘real poverty’ is where we’re going here.

America perceives poverty as a moral failure, which is why the participants on The Briefcase have to perform generosity to such an extreme degree. These people have to “prove” themselves as virtuous — to themselves, to one another, but in particular to a viewing audience at home — to show how unlike other poor people they are. We’re not really poor, we just had a string of really bad luck, unlike those other people who are poor on purpose

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