Friday Links

Happy Friday! I am not at work today, I took a day off so I could go to the Dr’s and talk about my poor feet, meet Ryan for coffee and bake a cake with the Baxters for Adam’s birthday! I’m calling it a mental health day…

Some things about this week, I’m at the point where I know the General Election is happening because I keep talking back to the radio, mainly shouting, “Just answer the question”. I know I’m in a hotly contested seat because I have received three, yes three letters ‘from’ David Cameron, mostly telling me that Labour is going to ruin the economy for ‘hardworking families’, I really hate that phrase! However, I am also very, very grateful not to live in the US where Hilary has announced that she’s running for an election that doesn’t happen for another 19 months, I know it’s a bigger country, but I would be a nervous wreck!

1) How to survive Henry VIII. Mmm, I see some flaws in this, a nunnery, not the safest place to be during the reign of the man who got rid of them (it wasn’t just the monks!).

2) Gin for the Summer. I think gin is good for all seasons but I do need to buy some more and these are good recommendations.

3) Milliband as Thatcher not Foot. Interesting.

4) The Tory Party also launched its manifesto this week. The plan to extend right to buy to housing association tenants is really stupid. Here’s Owen Jones on why.

5) Even the Telegraph thinks it’s a bad idea.

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