Random Thoughts

IMG_2827When I woke up this morning my knees and feet hurt and when I looked out the window, I realised why. It was raining. My weather predicting limbs are back!

The weather cannot make up it’s mind, is it Spring or is it still Winter. Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day, today it’s cold, raining and miserable. My only consolation is that at least I’m not in Boston, which seems to be experiencing a Game of Thrones type winter. IMG_2825I also wonder if cultural attitudes are affected by the weather, would we be a more cheerful people if it rained less?

We’re about to jump into a General Election, Parliament is dissolved on Monday and then everything will be unbearable, the radio will be full of politicians not answering questions.

One of the questions I want answered is why MP’s behave like badly behaved five year olds during PMQ’s. Seriously, I want to send them all to the naughty step until they learn civilised manners.

I need to bake a cakeIMG_2749

I also need to clean the oven, the latter is not unconnected to the fact that I haven’t done the former.

Everybody in the office is tired. Some of us are tired and moaning, some of us are tired and quiet but we are all tired and all drinking coffee like it’s going out of fashion.

The jumble and randomness of this post is reflective of the inside of my head this lunchtime. Which really can’t be good!







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