Life Happened – Mothers Day

This week started with me admiring the daffodils.IMG_2827


The rest of the working week was pretty much the same as usual. My team has changed responsibilities so I’m currently handing over my stuff and learning (actually re-learning new stuff), I’m not terribly happy about it but the joy of not subscribing to the ‘do what you love’ movement is that I don’t really expect to be. Anyway suffice to say that the next couple of months are going to be difficult at work. I’m still feeling ridiculously tired and not quite ill but not exactly full of wellness. It’s funny, just when I think I’m being a total wuss, Ma says that she’s not feeling quite the ticket and I realise that it’s whatever the bug was not my natural inclination to recline on a sofa being pale and wan!

I did have to attend a work lunch as part of my new responsibilities on Thursday and that meant that I got to the library to pick up my reserved book, there was a bit of difficulty when the computer said that I could only take out eight books, because I was under 16! The computer needs to have it’s eyes examined, this week I felt every second of my 41 year!

On Thursday night I also got myself into action and sorted out Ma’s Mothers Day present. There was some spray painting involved and I also got quite a bit of the kitchen table.IMG_2834I did have to spend some time sorting that out with white spirit and it’s fair to say that the table looks more ‘lived in’ that before.

Friday finally arrived and Friday evening meant shopping for the weekend, I did have other stuff to do but I was sitting at the kitchen table and suddenly realised that upright wasn’t an option any more. I was in bed at 8pm on a Friday night. This is middle age!

That sleep was a good thing though ’cause I had loads to do on Saturday. Cooking and house tidying. I made a pavlovaIMG_2837


IMG_2847Prepped chickens for roasting and all the other stuff that comes with having the family for over for lunch. I also made lemon curd, another Mothers Day gift.IMG_2841

After lunch we played games.

UNO, which is my favourite.IMG_2849


Ben and Oli were on the same team and lost five games in a row at which point Ben decided to have a cigarette and Oli decided to play Pop to the Shops.IMG_2851Oli won this one and if you have small children, the Orchard Toys games are ace, educational and fun and not to boring for the adults! We’ve played the Rocket Game, Pop to the Shops (and they do an international game using cents instead of pence too!), and Crazy Chefs. Oli never gets bored with them, neither do we (although Grandma as chief playmate might soon!).

Despite my refusal to give up my flip flops on SaturdayIMG_2844this weekend was much colder than last and Ma and I spent about an hour watching the St Patricks Day Parade and waiting for Oli (and Ben and Lu) and the Glen Rovers to march past. Man it was cold!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJust as we saw them, it started to rain and Ma and I decided to go home. Once home, I spend the afternoon on the sofa.

And that was last week.

This week, barring anything expected there’s work, a work department meeting and dinner (which I can honestly do without – I don’t want to take an afternoon out of the office next week, I’m too busy and if I’m going to spend an afternoon out of the office, there are books to read!), three Body Balance classes and dinner at Mike and Christelle’s. I know, you’re amazed by how seat of the pants my life is!!

Have a good week, folks…



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