Friday Links

Happy Friday! It’s been a very long week, here are this week’s links…

The Worst Jobs in the World. I think the title is hyperbole but it’s worth a read if Monday left you a jibbering, wreck that hates their job!

Social Jetlag. That explains my mood this week!

10 things we could do to improve the UK. Alternate title could be ‘Things I don’t Expect to see in the Telegraph’

Do we need to adjust our expectations?

Dental care in Alabama. I know that the British have a reputation for bad teeth in the US and I’ve always found it weird given that so many people in there don’t have good teeth or medical care because they can’t afford it. These guys are changing that and this is the way that business and the public sector should work. We could use something like this for NHS dentistry here.

Charlie Hebdo: Now is the time to uphold freedoms and not give in to fear. Yep. Also, why when the perpetrators of violence are Muslims, are all moderate Muslims asked to apologise and condemn it but no one asks Christians to apologise when the shooters are Christian?

For politicians everywhere, have an understanding of the laws of your country and do not fuck with the press! GOP Politician Threatens Journo; Newspaper Publicly Mocks Him

Hadley Freeman on Prince Andrew. Quite.

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